Tips to Make Your Mobile Hookup Dating Work

Tips to Make Your Mobile Hookup Dating Work

Hooking up is now another normal way of organizing one’s love life. There’s no need to force yourself into unwanted relationships in order to have dates and no need to pretend you’re looking for a life-long love in order to have sex. Your urges can be satisfied fast and by playing fair. Just download an app and have zillions of matches with like-minded partners.

Dating apps address most of the problems and provide you with suitable matches, but if you want your hookups to be a real success, there are some special dating tips for you to follow.

  1. Choose the right app

Formally, almost any app is good for casual dating and hooking up. In practice, swiping on Tinder, OkCupid or other apps of that kind when you are not sure of the user’s plans is quite exhausting. Make it all easier. Use apps designed to meet your requirements. For example, Secret Desire states it’s a hookup dating app from the very beginning and you don’t waste time on filtering other people’s intentions.

  1. Keep your personal info private

It’s actually a general requirement for safe mobile dating, but when talking of hookups privacy gets crucially important. If you want to keep it simple and just have fun with no follow-ups, don’t leave your date a chance to bother you anymore. At this point anonymous dating apps are probably the best solution.

  1. Attention on the photo

On a hookup app, they choose you by location and appearance, so make sure your pic does its best. It should be pretty, but more important: it should clearly state your desires. Don’t use an aggressively appealing picture showing much body, if you want a nice and romantic quick date and vice versa.

  1. State your desires in the bio

Another thing that is different on hookup apps is the bio. Not your course of life and interests are important, but your expectations and desires. Be specific to save your and your future date’s time.

  1. Be straightforward on chats

Another spot to be clear upon what you expect from your date is in-app chat. So forget plane flirting and hesitation. If you want a positive hookup experience, you have to speak up your desires and ask your partner of his.

  1. Don’t let quantity beat quality

You can meet different partners every night. That’s the point of hookup dating. But trying to chat with dozens of users at once is a bad idea. In the thrill of chasing every opportunity, you are likely to miss something important about your would-be partner and get disappointing dates instead of exciting. Try to take it step by step and keep the number of your chats reasonable.

Well, to keep it short, the key to success is frankness. Be honest with yourself, be specific on your desires with others and make your fun hookup dating work!

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