5 Crucial Tips to Make Your Hookup Dating Profile Stand Out

 5 Crucial Tips to Make Your Hookup Dating Profile Stand Out

Have you already checked out the advice on how to make your dating profile successful? Forget it! Love & relationship tips are of almost no use for no strings attached affairs. Hookup dating apps are a complete different story and in order to stand out there you have to change your usual approach for profile-making.

Here are some special tips for you to succeed on a hookup dating app and have the dates of your life the way you like it.

  1. Let your picture talk for you

Hookup apps are way less focused on bios than those designed for love and relationships. The thing is you two to like each other. So it’s the main pic that attracts users and gives them the most important message about you.

Make sure it is:

  • relevant
  • of good quality
  • showing your face
  • defining your desires: be aggressively sexy or gentle and nice depending on what you are looking for
  1. Make up a flirty, but straightforward headline

Hookup dates are about keeping it simple and fast. So the one who’s clear about his/her plans saves other users’ time and wins the game. But don’t forget the other part of hooking up – the excitement of new acquaintances. Wrap your message in flirty and playful headline to leave the competition behind.

  1. Forget undue personal details

Your hookup partner doesn’t really care whether you like Flaubert or Stephen King. He’s hardly interested in your plans for future, political opinion or educational background. Keep them all for your friends and stay focused on dating and sex.

  1. Be very, we mean it, very short

Waffling is the weak point of any dating profile, but on a hookup app, it turns to a profile killer. Be short, even if you are talking about your dating expectations only. Cutting the crap is the best policy.

  1. Anyway, check the grammar

At this point hookup app profiles are no different of all the others. Spelling mistakes do help you stand out… and get into a “Definitely NO” list. No strings attached affairs usually imply just one date, but you still don’t want a fool or ignorant there, don’t you? And neither does your would-be partner. Show some respect and check your profile prior to sending it out to the competitive dating field.

In the Bottom Line

A profile showing your message and style and fitting the pulse of the app is a shortcut to totally satisfying dates. So don’t rush into the app. Take your time to be smart about your profile and stand out.

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