Best Flirt Dating Apps to Turn You On

Flirting is the foundation of both hookups and life-long relationships. It all starts with flirt… and it can easily end up right there leaving you fully satisfied. Sometimes an intriguing provocative chat alone can spice up your life and/or boost the existing relationships. But where do you find right partners for a satisfying, safe and private flirt? On dating apps, of course! All the more so since there are plenty of decent flirt-focused apps in your play/app store.

Here’s our pick on the best dating apps to bring you into the exciting and sexy planet of flirting.

  • Zoosk


Expert Summary: A big dating app with users registered in 80+ countries to make your flirt international.

Pros: Having a true Italian romance, checking out real Brit humor or flirting with someone next door without even leaving the house is not a problem anymore. All the main features of dating apps are quite relaxed on Zoosk, so you can concentrate on chats.

Cons: Lacks some important and handy options, like “Auto Selecting” of users of the needed age/gender.

  • Secret Desire

Secret Desire

Expert Summary: An anonymous app to express yourself and flirt with users having the same deepest desires and interests as you.

Pros: No one sees your real name (is if you don’t want them to, of course), so you can get to light flirting or sexting without any embarrassment. And if you want to translate your flirt into the real life, you have all the regular dating app options including local search.

Cons: Available on iOS App Store only.

  • Skout


Expert Summary: An app looking very much like a social network. Full of users up for flirting and chatting rather than for real dating.

Pros: Different versions available for teens and seigniors. Good options for private messaging.

Cons: Flirting is all you can get. The actual matchmaking is out of the focus of the app.

  • Be Naughty

Be Naughty

Expert Summary: A good app, if you don’t mind getting your flirt a little bit further, to a more provocative field.

Pros: Features chat rooms and private photo/video sharing along with the usual profile pics. You can have a good picture of you flirt partner – both literally and figuratively.

Cons: Your flirt will soon come down to sexting. Most of the users are in search of hookups and pure sex.

In Conclusion

All of the services were tested by our staff. We did make a deep research for you to make your experience of using flirt dating apps positive and fun. So go ahead and flirt easily!