Best Casual Dating Apps to Help You Find a Right Partner

Casual affairs are probably the easiest way to keep it no strings attached and grasp the romantic scene of dating. You can have it all: a classic date, fun activities with a hot and smart partner, and great sex with no imposition morning after.

How do you join the party and start dating casually? Using dating apps, of course! Millions of people out there are in search of the same relationship and dating model. Just sign up, set your search parameters, wait to be matched and choose your fabulous casual partner.

In order to help you stay focused on your matches and dating plans for today, we’ve already done the research on reliable and the most efficient casual dating apps.

Here’s our top 5.

  • Tinder


Expert Summary: The app is considered good for all kinds of relationships, but in practice, casual dating is the best you can get from Tinder. You have zillions of matches and swipe them right or left until find someone hot enough for a casual thing.

Pros: It’s really fast. The app is so big that literally everyone can find a match. No matter of their age, appearance and preferences.

Cons: First, you have to be very specific on your goals and expectations and never date relationship-focused partners. Second, you have to be very careful not to bump into catfishes wandering on all large apps.

  • Zoosk


Expert Summary: An app mostly like Tinder, having accurate search instruments, user-friendly layout and users registered in 80+ countries.

Pros: Handy for travel love affairs within the US as well as for “international” casual dating.

Cons: Catfishing and exhausting process of swiping through matches.


Expert Summary: Designed for casual dates. It gives you only 5 matches per day. Not much. But just enough to make a reasonable choice with no excessive pressure.

Pros: A lot of users registered and a decent matchmaking algorithm.

Cons: Want to date someone right now and then make it casual? Sorry, the wrong app. There is only 5 matches per day, no exceptions.

  • Badoo


Expert Summary: A handy app for right away meet-ups and quick dates. Works best for meeting people “next door”.

Pros: Precise geolocation is the key feature of the app. It shows all registered singles in your area in the real time mode. You can have a date in 5 minutes.

Cons: No other matchmaking parameters. You are matched to everyone in the area. The rest of the work like getting to know, if you could hypothetically interest each other, is for you to do.

  • Happn


Expert Summary: An app designed to help you meet and date someone living in your area and taking the same routs you take every day.

Pros: No more missed opportunities and embarrassing situations at coffee shops or bars. On Happn, you can easily meet that hottie you saw yesterday. Great for immediate dates, as all users live and/or work nearby.

Cons: It’s just gender and age that are supposed to help you find a right casual partner. Not much really.

So, here’s your guide into the exciting world of mobile casual dating. Pick any of the apps reviewed and go for your casual adventure!