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Best Mobile Dating Site – what are the best services?

Mobile dates are of course a pretty new entrant on the technology/dating playing field, so new mobile dating services are popping up all the time. For singles on the lookout for a great new option in ways to manage their love lives, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, here we do the work for you!

First it must be said that not all mobile dating services work the same way. In fact, under the mobile dating umbrella there are a lot of services that bear only a passing resemblance to each other. Their basic functionality is usually pretty similar – users register and then upload a short profile and a picture, just like on regular internet dating sites – but from there they diverge quite a lot. For example, they differ in how much attention they give to proximity. In other words, while some services can match people no matter where they are located, others only match people within the same zip code, or even within the same 15 meters for some services!

A good example of a pretty basic and effective mobile dating service is On this service, users sign up and create a profile, which includes (of course) the all-important profile picture. Then users can browse the profiles of others, by gender, age, location, and interests. If they see someone they like, they can opt to ‘crush’ them. The other member then has the option to either crush or ‘flush’ them. If there is a mutual crush then the parties can started exchanging text messages without their cell phone numbers being revealed. If the second member hits ‘flush’ then the contact is over.

A service like this has the advantage of not being overly complex. Also, while users can search for matches that share their geographical location, they’re not limited to doing only this. This seems like a good way to design a mobile dating service, because preventing users from ‘seeing’ other users who are outside their zip code or similar might ultimately mean only that a service which does this fails to reach the critical mass of members that it needs to be successful in any one of those areas.

Allowing users to retain their anonymity past the exchange-of-messages phase is also obviously a good idea. So too is the crush/flush feature, which means that very attractive and desirable members aren’t inundated with personal messages, only with ‘crushes’ that they can then decide to reciprocate or not.

This last feature gets around a common criticism with mobile dating services, which is given the name of ‘asymmetry of interest’. This refers to the propensity for the fraction of very attractive members on dating services to receive the massive bulk of the attention. If this attention amounts to annoying harassment, then these people will be motivated to leave the service, which could lead to the membership deteriorating and the service failing. Of course, asymmetry of interest occurs in real-life bars and clubs as well, but in these places the super-attractive have defenses such as loud music and the threat of embarrassing rejection, which is greatly lessened online.

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